Friday, February 22, 2008

The Choices We Make

Quest by Quotation

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant. ~Anthony Robbins

What choices are you facing? Are you afraid to make a choice, realizing it may change your life? Consider making a small decision today in order to gradually make the big decision facing you.

All I have been doing the last few months, or so it seems, is make decisions. Apply for a certain job. Turn down a second interview. Go back for a second interview.

Now I have a new job and you would think my life would be simpler. One major hurdle out of the way. But NO! What schedule will I have in my twenty hour job? Do I wear more color than the much younger staff or fade back to black? Do I want a lap or desk top computer?

Ah, that last one decision was difficult to make. I am a person who can see both sides of any situation. The lap top would be used by potentially more people. But then so would the desktop and could be taken into the field. I could use my ergonomic keyboard with either one. I could take the laptop home.

Whoa! At this point, though my job can grow and I am paid for each hour I work, I know my workaholic tendencies would make it easy for me to work at home and not write, create cards or relax. So my decision to get a desktop was based on making sure I left work behind (at least in a physically symbolic way).

Taking control of my life through making one of many choices we make each day, I already feel more relaxed.

May your decisions bring you peace and may making the choice to make a decision bring you peace as well.

Peace, Julie

Monday, February 18, 2008

Living a Full Life

Quest by Quotation

The remarkable thing is that it is the crowded life that is most easily remembered. A life full of turns, achievements, disappointments, surprises, and crises is a life full of landmarks. The empty life has even its few details blurred, and cannot be remembered with certainty. Eric Hoffer

Would you say your life is full or empty? Write down the "turns, achievements, disappointments, surprises, and crises" of the last month and see how full it maybe.

I admit it. I hadn't the impetus to write between the middle of December and now. The cajoling of friends didn't do it. The need to be creative didn't do it. All that time and nothing really to show for it. But here I am, writing again. Why now?

The short answer is that my husband got up at 4:30AM this morning, and, therefore, so did I. The longer answer is that I have started a new job, life is fuller, and I alway seem to write best when I don't "have the time."

Nothing like typing "full life" into and getting Eric Hoffer's quote. It affirmed to me the sense that I have of the universe lining up the way it is for a reason. The time I had off from full-time, non-temporary assignments was full in other regards. But it was time to move forward and I have been blessed enough to find a job that makes a difference in people's lives while allowing me to have more time with my family. With a first grandbaby coming, that is even more of a priority.

Prepping for my new job hire, as I practiced answering behavioral interviewing questions, allowed me to revisit the "turns, acheivements, disappointments, surprises, and crises" of my life. "Talk about a time when you failed at something." "Describe a time when you had to be prepared for any eventuality." "What do you consider your best acheivement." My spouse and I went through one hundred of those types of questions. A crash course in life reflection in the space of a week. A full life, getting more interesting all the time. All that pondering has cleared the deck for the next portion of my life and learning.

So here I go....