Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Easter Egg Hunt

Quest by Quotation

Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness. ~Floyd W. Tomkins

In addition to strength, beauty, and happiness, what other "Easter eggs" would you like to find and put in your basket?

In designing my Easter card this year, I was reminded, we sometimes have to hunt for the promise of good things to come or lessons learned in dark times. I used a picture of a wooden cross on a hill overlooking a shrouded ocean on the coast of Hawaii. I took it last fall when I visited in the rainy season. On this northern part of the island, the climate mimicked early spring, before flowers bloom. On top of that, a barbed wire fence slashed across my view. The whole scene could easily have been a symbol of bleakness for me.

But it wasn't. I looked through my lens and saw my Easter card months down the line. I looked at the picture when I returned home and saw the promise of something inspiring and creative. I am normally not an optimistic person, even though I can see the good in situations. So I have to credit the promise of the Resurrection, with all its surprise, hope, peace, and joy, for my attitude.

There are "Easter eggs" I am looking for myself as Spring begins and Eastertide rolls in: purple perseverance, pink positive attitude, green gratitude, blue blessed assurance, orange optimism. I know I will find them, though some may be well hidden. God promised.

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